India on Motorbikes and Fell Running in Wales: Maija Solderholm’s Amazing Adventures Pt. 1
February 27, 2023
India on Motorbikes and Fell Running in Wales: Maija Solderholm's Amazing Adventures Pt. 1

Maija Solderholm has a passion for exploring the world. After being invited by two friends to ride motorcycles across the Himalayas, she spent a year encountering the intense culture and beautiful scenery of India. She learned that people are always willing to help and that the roads are unpredictable. After finally beginning to relax into the rhythm of life’s journey, Maija found a joy in fell running, connecting to nature and discovering her own strength. She had finally discovered her passion and a new outlook on life.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How is it possible to navigate India without roadmaps?
  2. What is the experience of riding a motorcycle across the Himalayas like?
  3. How can running in bad weather with a Sony Walkman connect you to your ancestors?

Thanks again and welcome to Good Life Stories.

About Maija Solderholm

I paint things and I play with swords.

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