Jon Acton pt 1: Facing Cancer with Friendship and Resilience
June 11, 2024
Jon Acton Pt 1: Facing Cancer with Friendship and Resilience

Jon Acton, a husband, father, author, and motivational speaker who has been on an extraordinary journey. Jon shares his personal story of being diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer, along with two of his closest teacher friends, all within a 10-month period.

I believe Jon Acton is a true inspiration. After a successful career as an educator and school superintendent, he found himself medically retired in July 2022 due to his cancer diagnosis. However, this setback has not deterred Jon from making the most of his time and having a lasting impact. He is the creator of “Broken Shells,” a platform that invites people to reflect on their life stories, their “whys, why nots, and what ifs.”

“If we tried to pitch this movie to Hollywood, they would laugh us out of any presentation, say, you’re making this up. There are times I wish we were, but we’re not.”

During our interview, Jon opens up about the deeply personal experience of navigating cancer alongside his two best friends, Keith and Aaron. The trio had been inseparable for over a decade, bonding over their shared passion for teaching. Tragically, Aaron lost his battle with the disease, while Keith continues to fight. Jon’s resilience and determination to honor his friends’ legacies have been the driving force behind his work.

I believe this episode is ideal for anyone seeking inspiration and a renewed perspective on life. Jon’s story reminds us that even in the face of adversity, we have the power to find meaning, purpose, and a renewed appreciation for the precious moments we share with loved ones. Whether you’re facing your own challenges or simply looking to be inspired, I think this episode will leave you feeling empowered to embrace your own “broken shells” and make the most of every day.

To learn more about Jon Acton and his journey, visit his website at There, you can explore his book, speaking engagements, and connect with him directly. Jon’s message of resilience, self-reflection, and the power of friendship is one that resonates deeply with me, and I encourage you to listen, share, and be inspired. Thanks again, and I love that you are here to listen to Good Life Stories.

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About Jon Acton

Jon Acton is a husband, father, author, motivational speaker, creator of Broken Shells and since 2020, a stage 3 rectal cancer fighter.  Jon is living in the “eye of the storm” trying to maximize his time and impact by inviting people to reflect on their life stories.  The Beautifully Perfektly Imperfekt Broken Shells life stories that are made up by our whys, why nots and what ifs.

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