Kami Miller pt 1: The Reality of My Dream Farm
January 25, 2024
Kami Miller pt 1: The Reality of My Dream Farm

In this episode of Good Life Stories, I sit down with my long-time friend, Kami Miller, to delve into the unique and unpredictable world of farm life. Kami, an author, farmer, and self-proclaimed chatterbox, shares her experiences and stories that will have you laughing, empathizing, and gaining a newfound appreciation for the realities of owning a farm.

With her dream of owning a farm in mind, Kami takes us on a journey through her initial expectations and the stark contrast she encountered when she and her husband bought their own five-acre property. From clearing land for vegetable gardens to fixing fences, Kami’s stories highlight the hard work and challenges that come with farm life. She humorously recounts her encounters with unruly goats, escaped animals, and the constant battle against invasive blackberries. As Kami reflects on her 20-year journey, she reveals the deep connection and sense of purpose that working on the land brings.

“I love my little imperfect farm…each piece is something that I built and I didn’t build it to be perfectly manicured. I built it to create something that’s functional and beautiful to me.” – Kami MIller

This episode is a must-listen for anyone who has ever fantasized about farm life or is curious about the realities behind the idyllic imagery. Kami’s candid stories shed light on the true nature of farm work, its highs, and its lows. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer, an aspiring one, or simply intrigued by the topic, this conversation will leave you entertained and enlightened.

To learn more about Kami Miller and her experiences, she has written a book called “House of Goats” under the pseudonym Tammy Owen. With humor and wit, Kami shares the joys and challenges of owning goats, offering a glimpse into the farm life she cherishes. Be sure to check out her book for even more hilarious and heartwarming stories.

Don’t miss out on this captivating episode packed with laughter, insights, and a unique perspective on the realities of farm life. Tune in now to discover the hidden truths and undeniable charm of the agricultural world through Kami Miller’s engaging storytelling.

Thanks again, and I love that you are here to listen to Good Life Stories.

About Kami Miller

Kami, who writes memoirs as Tammy Owen and fantasy novels and stories as E. M. Prazeman and KZ Miller, lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, you know, where it rains a lot. What a lot of people don’t know is that her area has very dry summers, so she ends up dragging hundreds of feet of hose around the garden. This requires hose guides, all of which are impromptu ‘temporary’ things like the broken ends of rakes. 

Dragging hose also requires muscle. Luckily she’s built up quite a bit moving alfalfa bales, running heavy equipment like sicklebar mowers and oversized rototillers, digging out invasive blackberry vines, and wrestling with goats, among other picturesque activities. 

Her extremely patient, generous husband, international man of mystery Rory Miller, is always there to lend a hand with nary an eye roll. She would still be buried in blackberries, or eaten by cougars, or some other horrible fate if it weren’t for him. 

Kami enjoys belly dancing, painting, climbing, travel, and putting her feet up and reading a good book. She hopes to do all that again someday, when the farm is all in order.

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Tracy Crowley has always been an entrepreneur. Whether it was making gowns for fellow Army wives, taking portraits in black and white, or working on her other businesses, she is always learning something new.

That passion for learning something new and giving something back collide nicely in this podcast.

Join Tracy for Good Life Stories, where simple curiosity brings out great stories, every single time.

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