Rory Miller pt 3: Exploring Women’s Self-Defense
February 29, 2024
Rory Miller pt 3: Exploring Women's Self-Defense

In this episode of my podcast, I had an insightful discussion with Rory Miller about women’s self-defense and finding a qualified instructor. With over 40 years of martial arts experience, Rory offered invaluable perspectives.

“Women should not be taught to fight. Women should be taught to assassinate.”

Rory explained the unique self-defense challenges women face and recommended instructor Tammy Yard-McCracken for her specialized Krav Maga expertise tailored to women. Her background shapes an efficient approach leveraging women’s strengths.

Together, we explored situational awareness, the freeze reflex, and strategies to avoid violence. Rory emphasized self-defense is about assessment and avoidance, not fighting. His wisdom provides practical advice for women seeking skills.

I’m grateful to Rory for providing self-defense guidance for women from his extensive experience. Tune in to uncover actionable steps for safety and situational awareness. Protect yourself by arming your mind first.

Thanks again, and I love that you are here to listen to Good Life Stories.

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About Rory Miller

Rory Miller is the author of several books on violence and self-defense, including Meditations on Violence (YMAA, 2008) Facing Violence (YMAA  2011) and Principles-Based Instruction (Wyrd Goat Press, 2017). He has studied martial arts, concentrating in classical jujitsu and police defensive tactics, since 1981. 

A veteran of a metropolitan jail system, Rory has worked as a Corrections Deputy, Sergeant and leader of the Corrections Emergency Response Team, and has designed and taught classes including crisis communications, defensive tactics, and conflict simulation.

Since leaving Iraq in 2009, Rory has taught Conflict Communication and self-defense in over 20 countries.

Rory’s Website:

About Tracy Crowley

Tracy Crowley has always been an entrepreneur. Whether it was making gowns for fellow Army wives, taking portraits in black and white, or working on her other businesses, she is always learning something new.

That passion for learning something new and giving something back collide nicely in this podcast.

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