Wendy Petersen on Overcoming Obstacles & Seizing Opportunities
April 15, 2023
Wendy Petersen on Overcoming Obstacles & Seizing Opportunities

“Does this inspire me or does this expire me? Does this person inspire me or does this person expire me? This piece of clothing I’m about to wear, do I feel inspired by this? Or expired?” – Wendy Petersen

My special guest is Wendy Petersen, a driven entrepreneur with a diverse and inspiring background. She joins me on Good Life Stories to discuss embracing risks for personal and professional growth. Wendy has degrees in biology, a passion for French, and has worked in corporate America for medical sales. Her unique experiences have shaped her into a well-rounded individual capable of overcoming various challenges. Wendy’s commitment to personal development is evident through her long-standing book club, which has evolved into a mastermind group for entrepreneurs. As a seasoned traveler, she frequently visits Sri Lanka, connecting with her husband’s roots and embracing new cultures.

A risk-taker at heart, found herself in a tricky situation when her rental van broke down en route to an important appointment. Always up for a challenge, she didn’t let that minor setback stop her. Instead of canceling the appointment, Wendy hopped on a power wheelchair and rode three miles to the client’s home. That day, she not only closed the sale but also earned tremendous respect from her boss and colleagues. It was a testament to Wendy’s ability to embrace risks and make the most of difficult situations.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Boost your personal and professional achievements by embracing and navigating risks.
  • Discover Wendy’s exceptional talent for high-level pattern recognition and its benefits.
  • Uncover the profound connection between psychology, fashion, and confidence building.

And so much more!

Thanks again and welcome to Good Life Stories.

About Wendy Petersen

After attending an all-women’s college, Cottey College, studying at WSU for her general biology degree, and attending Middlebury to study French, Wendy landed in Seattle and has been here for over a decade.  She worked for corporate giants such as Xerox, Alliant, and Nordstrom, but after corporate burn-out, Wendy struck out on her own. 

She started her business in 2012, and now, clients not only come to her for help cleaning out their closets, creating outfits, and up-leveling how they show up, but they also seek her out for setting and manifesting goals in other areas of their lives too.  

Coined the Apparel Therapist, Wendy uses the closet as a metaphor for cleaning out areas of your life that no longer serve you.  If your clothes are not becoming of you, then you should be coming to Style by Wendy.

Wendy’s Links:

About Tracy Crowley

Tracy Crowley has always been an entrepreneur. Whether it was making gowns for fellow Army wives, taking portraits in black and white, or working on her other businesses, she is always learning something new.

That passion for learning something new and giving something back collide nicely in this podcast.

Join Tracy for Good Life Stories, where simple curiosity brings out great stories, every single time.

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